BriTay is a Human Resources consulting firm, with the national and international presence. It focuses on the people side of the business. Our strategy is to provide our clients with easy access to various human resource expertise to better serve small, medium, and large organizations for all their human resources needs and thus be Your Strategic HR Business Partner emphasizing on Global Reach and Local Touch.BriTay International was incorporated in Chicago USA in 2001. We started our Beijing operations in 2002, and Shanghai operations in 2004.BriTay Asia (M) Sdn. Bhd. was established in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in November 2005, thereafter we expand into wider areas beyond HR Consultancy, living our motto “endless possibilities”.Known for our fresh thinking and consultative approach, we act as trusted advisors to many organizations – large and small.BriTay Asia develops solutions for our customers and individual clients that are catered to their needs. The goal is to foster positive changes in behavior and performance at each level – individual, team and organizational. Our tried and tested solutions are derived from a culmination of thoughts from highly experienced industry practitioners that have rooted themselves from major multi-nationals over decades of job assignments both domestic and abroad. We pride ourselves in having the learnings and practices from Motorola Inc. on our people management skills that promote positive employee relations and direct interaction with employees in maintaining a harmonious working relationship. A privately-held Bumiputra company, BriTay International Inc. was founded by Zuber Mohd Isa, in Beijing, China in the year 2000, where we lead consulting teams in various projects engaging Chinese GLCs, private and multinational companies. Employees are the greatest asset and we firmly believe in this. Our shared core values and expertise in all facets of human resources makes us the go-to consultants no matter what your HR challenge is. We also support organizations through our HR Outsourcing services that serve companies on a seamless platform.



To be trusted thought and practice leaders for successful organizations and people.

We at BriTay hold a high standard on integrity and credibility, proven through the successful implementation of solutions that we recommend to our clients, based on our industry experience, functional knowledge, and pragmatic skills.


To create a long-term partnership with our clients in which we identify and define the performance requirements of clients’ organization and people. We apply our unique insight and understanding to execute comprehensive and high performing solutions.



  • To inculcate a professional and effective work environment by imparting and disseminating up-to-date skills and knowledge on people processes.
  • To provide effective tools for efficient and creative problem-solving within organizations.
  • To provide an effective entrepreneurial incubation.


  • Skills and knowledge related to our business (consultancy, professionalism, people management, trusted advisors, knowledgeable and expert instructors).
  • People processes- training development, talent management, leadership courses, career growth.
  • The tools: 7 Quality Tools
  • Provide the business startup skills to would-be entrepreneurs in a managed and guided environment.


Our growth is centered on continuously meeting the challenges of the workforce, acting as a trusted advisor to deliver innovative and measurable solutions through outsourcing and consultancy services tailored to business needs.

We achieve this with the focus on quality by:

  • acting with integrity every step of the way
    • By being a trustworthy partner to our stakeholders (clients, vendors, instructors) from start to finish.
  • ensuring the smooth delivery of HR solutions and services
    • Through the introduction of a comprehensive implementation plan, progressively measuring every milestone.
  • enabling our clients to excel in the evolving world of work.
    • The ability to adapt quickly and make ongoing adjustments or improvements to continue to excel in the challenging work environment.




  • Tuan Haji Zuber Mohd Isa | BriTay Asia - HR Consulting FirmsTuan Haji Zuber Mohd Isa
    Founder / Managing DirectorBIOGRAPHY
  • Mohd Ata Bin Mohd Isa | BriTay Asia - HR Consulting FirmsMohd Ata Bin Mohd Isa
    Legal & Finance DirectorBIOGRAPHY
  • Mohamad bin Abu Bakar | BriTay Asia - HR Consulting FirmsMohamad bin Abu Bakar
    Chief Operating OfficerBIOGRAPHY



  • Pn Hjh Lily Hayati | BriTay Asia - Top HR Consulting FirmPn Hjh Lily Hayati
    Senior Finance Manager
  • Ihsan Yusof | BriTay Asia - Top HR Consulting FirmIhsan Yusof
    Senior Finance Executive
  • Nurul Fatihah | BriTay Asia - Top HR Consulting FirmNurul Fatihah
    Accounts Executive
  • Aimie Shahidah | BriTay Asia - Top HR Consulting FirmAimie Shahidah
    Assistant Accounts

HR & Management

  • Pn Elyani Iza | BriTay Asia - Top HR Consulting FirmPn Elyani Iza
    HR Manager
  • Naili Rozmi | BriTay Asia - Top HR Consulting FirmNaili Rozmi
    Admin Executive


  • Anati Najian | BriTay Asia - Top HR Consulting FirmAnati Najian
    Recruitment Executive

SL1M – Gradu82work

  • Nurul Aliah | BriTay Asia - Human Resources MalaysiaNurul Aliah
    Section Head Client Relationship
  • Aminnurrasyid | BriTay Asia - Human Resources MalaysiaAminnurrasyid
    Training & Development Executive
  • Azrie Yazid | BriTay Asia - Human Resources MalaysiaAzrie Yazid
    Section Head Recruitment Executive
  • Siti Fairus | BriTay Asia - Human Resources MalaysiaSiti Fairus
    Recruitment Executive
  • Nang Aifaa | BriTay Asia - Human Resources MalaysiaNang Aifaa
    Relationship Executive


  • Ezrin Izam | BriTay Asia - Human Resources Consulting MalaysiaEzrin Izam
    Senior IT Executive
  • Farhana | BriTay Asia - Human Resources Consulting MalaysiaFarhana
    IT Executive