Communication Skills Development Training

Communication Skills

Speaking is the most common form of communicating with other people that we do on a daily basis. At work we speak to our colleagues, superiors, and external parties. Outside the office, we speak to our family, friends and whomever we meet. Often, we are more at ease communicating out of the office than we are in the office. The reason for this could be the style of communicating – one is less formal than the other.

And when asked to speak to others in a formal environment, it can be pretty daunting. What more to speak in English, the language recognised as the international business language, the language that could open doors for career advancements…the task would seem overwhelming for many. Some reasons cited for this fear are afraid people might not understand what was said; others quote lack of the skills to communicate in English as a reason.

Thankfully, communicating in English are skills that can be learned. And this is what the training will provide participants with – skills and knowledge to be eloquent in speaking, and in writing in English.

Designed for

  • Professionals of all levels


  • 2 Days Workshop

Training Modules

Module 1:

  • Types of Communication at work
  • Speech, the most common Oral Communication
  • Elements to look out for in speech
  • Flair for language
  • Being eloquent when you speak
  • Conversation pieces
  • Practice makes perfect

Module 2:

  • Making English work for you
  • Soliciting feedback in English
  • Note taking tricks
  • Body Language
  • Being proficient ~ Speak well, present well