Global Executive Mindset Training & Development in Malaysia

Global Executive Mindset (GEM)

Global Executive Mindset (GEM) behavioural focus provides participants with real life corporate scenarios and situations for them to learn and practice a wider range of required behaviours that they may not be used to.

You will get to experience giving and receiving individual feedback to understand how you come across to others. This will enable you to broaden your future communication approaches and gain more confidence to push back and share your point of view, which will positively affect your credibility and future success.

Designed for

  • Managers and executives who need to deal more effectively with others from various cultures.


  • 2 Day Programme

Training Modules

Module 1:

Facet 1: Connects Personally

  • Knows how to connect with people
  • Leverages Formal and Informal Meetings
  • Develop Relationships at All Levels

Facet 2: Articulating Your Point of View Clearly

  • Get to the point
  • Summarize
  • “Set Up” statements

Facet 3: Communicating Confidently

  • Articulating POV, POC, TPV
  • Participating Deliberately
  • Asking Questions With Impact

Module 2:

Facet 4: Building Trust

  • Demonstrates committed behavior
  • Acts with integrity
  • Influences at all Levels
  • (TrustShphere’s) Influencing and Networking through electronic Media

Facet 5: Provides Direct Feedback

  • Pushes Back with Appropriate Assertiveness
  • Shares negative news early
  • Provides Sensitive Feedback

Facet 6: Taking Ownership

  • Readily lead projects
  • Suggests new ideas and take ownership
  • Willingly participates in teams

Facet 7: Coaches and Recognizes Others

  • Helps others achieve their goals
  • Guides and mentors team members
  • Recognize and Rewards the efforts of others openly

Putting It All Together

  • Putting Discipline into Practice – The Difference between Amateurs and Professionals

Personal Action Planning

  • Recommitting to being Great
  • Taking positive actions with GEM