Best HR Outsourcing Firm – China (2004) & Best HR Consultancy Firm – China” China Staff Magazine and CCH Asia

BriTay Asia is a relatively young company (Incorporated in Chicago and established in Beijing, in 2000), but nonetheless, very rich in Multinational industry experience. 

Our consortium of industry experts in the various HR and Management fields and Entrepreneurial Sector, both at the Strategic and Operational Levels, accords us as one of the Best Boutique HR Consultancy Firm in the region.

Having won the above accolades in China, we have expanded to Kuala Lumpur (2005) and Sabah (2018), with Brunei following suit.

We have now expanded into the Recruitment Segment and Manufacturing Sector with our endeavour into the Mobilized Business (Food Truck), market.

BriTay Asia is poised for growth with ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES.

Top HR Consulting Firm in Malaysia

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BriTay is Malaysia Top HR Consulting Firm, with national and international presence.



BriTay Job Placements for Graduates. Ready-Jobs for Ready-Graduates.


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  • @afiqfqdzillah@afiqfqdzillah

    With this graduation show the end of our training at britay asia for one month…now we are ready for on job training..yeah #SL1m #britaysia #bmt9

    Trainee in BriTay Gradu82Work Program

  • @zul_hafeeq@zul_hafeeq

    Memory will remain forever. 1 Month with u guys is one of the best memory i have.
    Thanks for trusting me to become your leader.
    Another one great person.. 1 of top best speaker & consultant in Singapore. Thank you very much Mr Jonathan for sharing your knowledge

    Trainee in BriTay Gradu82Work Program

  • @akademimagnetsukses@akademimagnetsukses

    Are you ready for the world!!! Say, “Oooh yeah!” #AkademiMagnetSukses #BriTayAsia #SL1M

    Trainee in BriTay Gradu82Work Program

  • @nabilah_hanee@nabilah_hanee

    Hari ni adalah hari terakhir duduk dlm kelas… Insnin mggu depan graduasi n lps tuu.. kami semuar start keje dah.. .Mula2 smpai sini. I always said only 1month. Now i feel not enough…I will miss this moment… thank you…..
    5 days in english class, i feel not enough, i want learn more about english language.
    Thank you Dr @cheann_abdulghani and thank you #britay for this opportunities.
    Dua Hari belajar critical thinking dan dua hari juga sel otak bersmabung dengan aktif.
    Pesan Sifu @amin_idris :.Matlamat yang JELAS akn dapat tindakan yang JELAS.Matlamat yang BESAR akan dpt usaha lagi BESAR.Matlamat yang JAUH maka langkah kita lagi JAUH.

    Trainee in BriTay Gradu82Work Program

  • @zams_rey@zams_rey

    Alhamdulilah, I’ve undergone an excellent soft skills training session with #BritayAsia for about one week. We’ve learnt a lot of valuable knowledge. All the best & happy working to all UniKL’s friends for this…

    Trainee in BriTay Gradu82Work Program

  • Dato’ Razali Bin Sariman

    “All participants attached to our company performed satisfactorily. We did not expect much from them as they are fresh graduates and we had to put them to work in situation that should have been handled by experienced persons. All of them did well, managed to learn and acquire skills in a short period of the time with the help of their supervisors and colleagues. The important difference between these SL1M trainees compared to the fresh graduates that we engaged before is their strong intention and commitment to work.”

    Dato’ Razali Bin Sariman (Host Companies)
    Fastcall Corporation Sdn Bhd

  • Mdm. Zarina binti Zainal

    I believe that that SL1M program conducted by BriTay is very effective and crucial to prepare that fresh graduates for the competitive working enviroment which will be a new and foreign experience for them.

    Mdm. Zarina binti Zainal (Trainer)
    Grooming & Etiquette Consultant

  • Ms. Arlina Zura

    With the current uncertainty in our economy, it is crucial for fresh graduates to create a bigger opportunity for themselves in order to be sustainable in the job market. Thus, our Business Communication module allows the trainees to reassess their language skills by providing them with activities which enhances their maximum potential and be able to promote their abilities for a promising future. I for one am glad that BriTay can facilitate such a program to enable more participants to have a better and confident communication skill.”

    Ms. Arlina Zura (Trainer)
    English and Business Communication Enhancement Trainer

  • Mr. Norhisham Bin Ahmad

    SL1M is good intervention for graduates not only they can acquire knowledge and skills in many areas such as English, communications, CV and Interview techniques and other self-mastery skills. The whole program is geared towards building self-confidence and positive habits.

    Mr.Norhisham bin Ahmad (Trainer)
    Personal Effectiveness,CV and Job Search Coach

  • Mr Jonathan PohMr Jonathan Poh

    BriTay’s efforts in SLIM creates significant impacts on graduates to “Look Good, Be Good” putting them on good groundings to be more successful in the work world. The meaning ful mission behind this initiative creates strong motivation, energy and hard work in BriTay, visible in the way the BriTay team goes about operationalising it. Well done BriTay!

    Mr. Jonathan Poh (Trainer)
    Master Coach for Global Executive Mindset (G.E.M)

  • Huurun Eiin

    BriTay Asia, thank you for giving me the chance to join this program of a month training. It really has boosted my confidence and taught me a better perspective on my future. Thank you BriTay Asia on teaching us to be more independent and be helpful to each other in our class, always wear our invisible crown. Thank you so much.

    Huurun Eiin
    Trainee in BriTay Gradu82Work Program

  • Nur Hanis

    Many thanks to BriTay staff and the trainers who were very supportive, knowledgeable and they have encouraged me to be the best. I would definitely recommend this program to those who want to improve in every aspect towards their career life. I can’t wait to apply all the techniques learnt in the working world. Thank you BriTay!

    Nur Hanis,
    Trainee in BriTay Gradu82Work Program

  • Ahmad ShahirBrilliant!

    I remembered on the first day, the trainer asked what I wanted from this training and I answered; I want to be able to speak effectively and confidently. After the training, I walked out getting exactly what I want. BriTay Asia has helped me to grow and develop further in confidence. I found great friends and teachers, thank you to everyone in BriTay!

    Ahmad Shahir
    Trainee in BriTay Gradu82Work Program