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Personal Effectiveness (PE)

As both work activities and organizational structures change rapidly, the need for each of us to work at the peak of our effectiveness has increased.

This course will help you understand your own personal working styles and how it impacts on others. Look at ways to improve your professional and personal potential by making positive changes and developing and managing yourself better.

Personal Effectiveness course will be particularly helpful to those taking on new roles and responsibilities or those who what to make changes in their working lives.

Designed for

  • Professionals of all levels.
  • Individual seeking personal development and enhancement.


  • 2 Days Workshop

Training Modules

Day 1:

Being Pro-Active

  • Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence
  • Reaction and Situation
  • Decision vs. Excuse
  • Activity & Presentation: Differences between giving Excuse & Deciding for solution


Setting Goal

  • CBFG (Clear, Big & Far Goal)
  • SMART technique
  • Proactive: Learning from mistakes
  • Proactive: Never Say Never
  • Activity & Presentation: Knowing specific direction before performing any task


Managing Time & Work

  • Activity: What is 1 minute?
  • The Four Quadrants of Time Management

Day 2:

Win – Win Mentality

  • Managing office interaction
  • Complimenting Skill
  • Criticizing Technique


Seek First to Understand Before Understood

  • Diagnose before Prescribe
  • Put Yourself in Their Shoes
  • But Take Off Your Shoes First


Team Player

  • Shared Vision
  • Recruitment
  • Motivating
  • Activity: Money Building


Self Upgrade

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Emotion