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Manpower Supply & Secondment Service

In proportion to organizational and economic growth, it is natural that manpower is becoming a valued commodity. However, getting reliable and skilled manpower may not be an easy task in this competitive market. Coupled with the fact that many projects require only temporary and contract staff, it is no surprise that manpower supply services are much sought after in Malaysia.

With most construction projects demanding the largest number of manpower, it is still not a viable solution to hire permanent positions. Hence, contract-based positions and temporary staffs have quickly become the go-to solution for many companies.

BriTay Asia is fully aware of the constraints that many companies may face in terms of headcounts. With our manpower supply services, we aim to introduce a cost-effective and sustainable solution for your staffing needs. Therefore, we are able to supply temporary staff or contract staff, whom BriTay hires and then seconds to work on your company premises.

We are experienced in talent recruitment and that makes us one of the top candidates to hire and seconding manpower to work with you. This includes office staff or non-office staff.

By collaborating with your company, we will understand the ideal conditions and skills required for the smooth operations of your company. Selecting the right individuals can prove to be one of the most important decisions to be made.

BriTay can also supply manpower in volume, which is mainly deployed e.g. in some construction projects. Hiring manpower in volume could be challenging but you can leave the hard work to us. Talk to us to know more about our Manpower Supply Service and we are more than happy to collaborate with you.