Supervisory Skills Development Program in Malaysia

Supervisory Skills Development

This workshop-styled course introduces general supervision skills, with particular emphasis on the human relations aspects of the Supervisor/Executive’s job and the interpersonal skills required. To be one of tomorrow’s successful supervisors/executives, they need to be both a specialist and a generalist.

To develop business in times of rapid changes, globalization, mergers and consolidation, they will need the understanding of all supervisory functions.

The program teaches the techniques that can get your staff motivated, the skills that get your job done quickly and accurately and the insights that will help your executive build on your natural leadership abilities.

This program develops them to be a “multi-disciplined executive”. This dynamic program will simultaneously build decision-making, communications and interpersonal skills.

The program allows the participants to experience a carefully selected blend of training techniques designed to motivate them to learn and maintain commitment throughout the program.

Effective Supervisory Skills enable them to empower the people on your staff without setting them adrift, to keep them on track without “pulling the strings” and to push them to be their best without pushing too hard.

This unique program is suitable for those who are new to the world of supervision or want to upgrade their supervisory skills. This program offers the professional training they need to grow with the company in light of new challenges in the industry.

Designed for

  • Professionals of all levels
  • Individuals seeking personal development and enhancement


  • 2 Day Programme

Training Modules

  • Module 1: Overview Of Management/Supervision
  • Module 2: A Supervisor’s Job Scope
  • Module 3: Task-Oriented Vs People-Oriented
  • Module 4: How To Be A Good Supervisor Through Strong Leadership
  • Module 5: A Supervisor’s Job Scope
  • Module 6: How To Get Your Point Across Through The Art Of Communication