KUALA LUMPUR, 5th MARCH 2018 – It was the day that marked the end of the soft-skills training for BriTay Management Trainee (BMT) class 28 & 29. Thus, a special Graduation Day Event has been arranged on that day to commemorate their success in finishing their training modules. The event took place in Conference Hall, Level 1, Lembaga Getah Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

To begin the stupendous day, an “Islamic Motivation” session has been arranged before the starting of the graduation ceremony for our celebrated trainee where En. Saiful Bahri has been given the mandate to facilitate the session. The aim of the session was to give mental preparation and mindset setting for the trainees to perform at their best capacity during On-the-Job Training (OJT) for the next six (6) months.

Saiful Bahri Speaking at Conference - Britay Asia
En. Saiful Bahri facilitating “Islamic Motivation” session, delivering pep talk for the trainees.

The ceremony started with the arrival of the honored guest; Tn. Hj. Ata Mohd Isa and continued with the singing of National Anthem and then the recitation of doa by En Tasnim Afifi, one of fellow BMT. The ceremony was emceed by Ms. Vinotine & Mr. Ikhwan, whom also from BriTay Management Trainee (BMT) class 29. Along the ceremony, Mr. Amirul Hafizin, BMT class 28 was invited to give appreciation speech representing all the trainees from BMT 28 and 29. He shared his experience during the training and expressed his appreciation in such energetic manner where he showcased one of the results that he gained from the training; confidence in communication.

Amirul Hafizin Speaking at Conference - Britay Asia
Amirul Hafizin, BMT 28 representing all the trainee delivering his appreciation speech and shared his experience during the SL1M-BriTay trainee

During the graduation ceremony, all 91 excellent trainees were awarded the certificate of training completion. The certificate was presented by Tn. Hj Ata Mohd Isa, Legal & Finance Director of BriTay Asia and accompanied by Mr. Muhammad Assiddiq Ramizan, SL1M Project Head of BriTay Asia.

Ata (Photo Session) - Britay Asia
Tn. Hj. Ata Mohd Isa accompanied by Mr. Muhammad Assiddiqwere presenting certificate to trainees

Acknowledging the trainees’ effort, BriTay Asia also awarded selected best performing trainees. They are those who showed great effort, participation and performance during the one-month soft-skills training. Below are the names of the awarded trainees.





Farhan Bin Salim

Vinotine A/P Nagalingam


Faezzatul Hamiesyah Hasnida

Satimron Hirdi


Amirul Hafizin Bin Othman

Siti Nurliyana Auni


Muhammad Amirul Fazli

Muhammad Haziq


Amira Husna Binti Ramidzan

Nusrah Rabiha Yunus

Vinotine (Photo Session) - Britay Asia
Tn. Hj. Ata Mohd Isa accompanied by Mr. Muhammad Assiddiq awarding Vinotine A/P Nagalingam as “The Best Trainee of BMT 29”

After the completion of the certificate and award presentation, the ceremony continued with special performances by several groups of trainees. Mellifluous singing, graceful dancing, euphonious poem, and lively acting has enlivened the mood of everyone in the hall. Everyone fully enjoyed those performances and savored those moments which will be carved deep into their memory.

BMT Photo Session - Britay Asia
BriTay Management Trainees performing dance during the graduation ceremony

The graduation day ceremony ended with a group photo session. On behalf of BriTay Asia, we would like to congratulate and hope all the trainees will perform at their best during their On-Job-Training and wishing them good luck for their future endeavors.

Photo Session - Britay Asia
Photo session with all BriTay Management Trainees